Currently working on…

This is the current list of changes and improvements I’m working on:

  • find out the software error that is causing the online games to occassionally abort and leave one of the players disconnected and unresponsive.
  • Organize the TCO Team: volunteers to help on the different sections of the site. [this has been indefinitely postponed]

Latest projects finished:

  1. Created a ranking of players on the Online Games and declare monthly winners. There will be a TCO Tournament for each game every month, with the following rules:
    1. Anyone can participate. You don’t need to enrol or register specially for the tournaments.
    2. Every player who plays a minimum of games (10) during the month is a participant of the tournament.
    3. Points will be granted to each participant for every game they play against another participant. 3 points for the winner of the game, 1 point for the player who loses, and 2 points for each player in case of a draw.
    4. For each opponent you play with, points will be granted to you only for the last three games you play with that person. So if you play four or more games with the same person during the month, only the three most recent games count towards the tournament.
    5. the tournament will be declared null and void if there are less than a minimum of participants (15) at the end of the month.
    6. Winners: the winners of the tournament will be decided according to the total points accumulated at the end of the month.
    7. Prizes: the three participants with the most points will be declared champions of the tournament and their names will be displayed on the site’s home page for the following month. The second winner will also receive one month of Premium membership. The first winner will receive two months of Premium membership.
    8. Valid games: Aborted games will in no case be considered for the tournament. If your opponent seems to have disconnected after you had won or when you were about to win, then you need to make sure you declare the game as abandoned; otherwise you will get no points for it.
    9. Disputes: In case of dispute about an abandoned game, a third user of the site needs to be recruited to determine if the game should be declared won by either participant. This user will have to re-play the game and then contact the webmaster with his decision. The webmaster will have the final word on whether the game result is changed or not.
  2. Show the number of times the public page of each user has been viewed.
  3. Add new BBCodes to improve the designs that can be obtained on the site (in the trader public page, in the Card/Miniature Reviews, etc). The codes added allow to center text, add background color, put a border around the text, and reduce its width. Done (Oct 22nd).
  4. Allow for decks to be private so no one but their authors can access their contents or use them to play online. Done (Sep 23rd).
  5. Give the option to hide users from the ‘your messages’ section, so that you only see those users with whom you are still interested in maintaining contact. When a new message is sent or received from hidden users they should reappear in the list.
  6. Collector binders: If there are images for all the cards on a game, you would be allowed to see your collection in a binder-view, with card images displayed as on pages of 3×3 cards each, grouped by expansion set, with empty slots for the missing cards. Done (May 28th).

A collector binder showing the cards in your collection

  • Add new game Fullmetal Alchemist TCG, together with the possibility to play online. Done (Apr. 22nd)
  • Checklists, printer-friendly listings with all the cards/miniatures in a set and three columns of check-boxes for the user to mark those cards he has in his collection, is offering for trade or is looking for. If the user is logged in, then the check-boxes are already marked based on his lists of cards on the site. The checklists are accessible from the ’search for a card’ section, and from the ‘cards you have’ and ‘cards you want’. Done (Apr. 6th)
  • Add Pokemon TCG Online playing interface. Done (Mar. 18th)
  • Allow for the management of user’s own collections: being able to record the cards we have but are not currently trading, together with those we do want to trade (the haves). Done (Mar. 17th)
  • Add simple form for users to send the name of missing sets: Above the list of sets for a game which does not have a Herald, and only some 80 days after the last set has been added, a new line should show indicating “Please enter the name of any set we may be missing:”, and a text box to enter the name. I expect to do it so that the page does not need to reload for the name to be sent (the way the reports about inappropriate contents are sent now). This should help to warn me about new sets so that I can work on adding them as soon as possible. Currently I can’t stay abreast of all the sets for all the games which do not have a dedicated Herald for them. Done (Jan. 7th)
  • Add playing interface to play Yu-Gi-Oh! online. Done (Dec. 29th)
  • Add a second server to increase performance. Includes coordinating the replication of data between the servers. Done (Dec. 28th)
  • Generate a header image with cards for each game, similar to the one on top of this page. Done (Dec. 26th)
  • Move sites to another server to try and prevent current down-times. Done
  • Notify Heralds about this blog and invite them to join. Done (Dec. 14th)
  • Add Conan Online Game. Done (Dec. 10th)

26 Responses to “Currently working on…”

  1. prometheus Says:

    Didin’t know where to put it, so I write it here.

    I think there is still a small problem with comparing trade lists.
    I’ll explain it on an example.

    I have a card in my want list and I want 2 copies of that card.
    The one I’m comparing my collection with has one copy of that card.

    If I now match our collections I get told that he has two copies of the card I want although he only has one. This happenend several times.

    So what could the failure be?

    Hope to be of help!

  2. Clemente Zamora Says:

    Mmm, it seems I’m always showing the number of cards in the list of the other user, when I should be showing the minimum of both: if I want 1 and the other user has 2, I should show 1 card matching; if I want 3 and the other user has 1, I should also show 1 card matching.

    I will correct this and make it online with the next update (when the collection management is finished).

    But the thing is that this does not fit with your example. I have just tried it out. If you want 2 copies and the other user has 1, then the site shows just 1 copy as matching. I have tried both in the ‘look for trades’ section, and also matching my collection specifically to the other user’s (from the private message form). Are you sure the example you mention is correct? Can anyone else confirm this?


  3. prometheus Says:

    I will tell you once I have this exact problem again.

  4. Hervé Guillemet / Xyphus Says:

    Collection management would be a great improvement.
    The next step would be to link this new feature with the deck creation feature and allow to automatically add to the WANTS list the card we miss to realize the deck for those deck we want to realize. If we modify a “seeking to realize” deck the WANTs list should change too (not an easy feature to add I guess).
    Users should have the choice to publish or not the decks (I don’t know if it’s already possible, I haven’t created deck yet *blush*).

  5. Clemente Zamora Says:

    Those are very interesting suggestions.

    I envision the first one in the following way:
    In the page for each deck (not necessarily your own?), you will have a link or button that reads “Can I build this deck?”
    The system will then check that your collection (not including the cards/miniatures you offer for trade?) contains all the cards included in the deck.
    You will get a message stating whether you have indeed all the cards making up the deck, or if not, then it will show you the list of cards you are missing and will give you the option to add those cards to your WANTs.

    Does that sound correct?

    The second suggestion would imply being able to mark each deck you build as public or not. This would probably be a Premium feature, as it would consume resources without any actual benefit for the rest of the community.

    I’ll appreciate your comments.

  6. Hervé Guillemet / Xyphus Says:

    Seems ok to me, but I would include the cards offered for trade when checking for the ability to construct a deck, with the option to remove the cards from the OFFERS list, just like the option to add cards to the WANTS list for those cards the user doesn’t have at all.

  7. patrick Says:

    Hi! It’s the first time I use the blog. And I don’t know where I can put this idea. It is possible to create a tool (interface) for heralds who permit to add a new ccg game? (ex: create database for the game, define row value in the database ,import data in the new database table, preview the result,etc. ) It is too complicated to do that or it’s possible?

  8. patrick Says:

    I have another idea! It is possible for each users (or premium only?) to see how many people (visitor and/or registered) have visited her tradepage?

  9. patrick Says:

    I sent to Clemente Zamora the complete spoiler info for the new Stargate TCG last week. Can you confirm you have planned to add this game soon?

    Thanks for your great work.

    P.S. I’m availaible to be the herald of this game. I’m a Stargate fanatic! lol 😉

  10. Clemente Zamora Says:

    I like the idea of showing the number of visits to your trade page. I’ll put that in the TO-DO list. Thanks!

  11. Clemente Zamora Says:

    The new game Stargate TCG has been successfully added with the help of its new Herald, patrick. Thanks a lot!
    Now featuring 54 collectible card/miniature games, and growing!…

  12. patrick Says:

    Hi! I have sent to you a fixed spreadsheet. I have seen that the collector’s sequence and the rarity column doesn’t match with the cards name.

    Sorry for this error.

    I also have uploaded the cards picture at the url you have sent to me.


  13. patrick Says:

    Hi, thanks for all. Finally Stargate TCG is available including cards picture!

    I have see that when I sort the cards with the collector’s number, they are not in the right order. I think is because he miss a 0 before each cards number or thing like that.

  14. patrick Says:

    Hi! I have updated my collection and when I open the checklist or the binder he have some error. In my collection some cards have 1 quantity and in the checklist or the binder the quantity is 0!!! What’s the hell is going on?


  15. patrick Says:

    Hi! I have a new idea for the website, why don’t you promote the users trade page with usertrade page of the week or month (or a place who show the trade page who are HOT on the moment) for the trade and/or the most visited or thing like that?

    And it is possible the improve the BBCode? (like [center][/center] or thing like that. I want to put some picture on my trade page but I can’t put a good look.

    Thanks for your work!.

  16. Clemente Zamora Says:

    The problem with some cards not showing in the binders has been fixed. Thanks a lot for reporting it.

    Regarding your suggestion, I intend to improve the BBCode, to include things like [center] and background colors, for example. I add it to the TO-DO list. Also I’ll keep track of the visitors to each trader page.

  17. patrick Says:

    Hi again! It is possible to add for stargate tcg the rarity “promotionnal”.


    And to add an option who permit to duplicate a card (ex: a promotionnal version of a card who are already in a set) and we only have to modify some minor info like rarity and collector’s sequence?

  18. patrick Says:

    When I surf on the site I have frequently this error

    Gateway incorrect

    Reason: Error reading from remote server

    Error 502

  19. patrick Says:

    Yes, it’s me again! I have a little comment about the deck section for stargate. It is possible to create to categories of “characters”. “Team characters” and “Support characters” because is a little bit confused when people look the card list…. You must know in that game we start with 4 Team characters who are the main character of the deck. During the game we can play support chracter to help the main team. They are in 2 category. Support and Team.


  20. Clemente Zamora Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Sorry for the delay, I’ve had some personal issues this last month and haven’t been able to take care of the site properly.
    The rarity ‘promotional’, or ‘promo’, is one of the standard rarities that can always be used without problem. Please let me know if you get any error message.

    I have also created a new type: ‘Character – Support’, and have changed the existing ‘Character’ to ‘Character – Team’. I chose to follow a naming similar to the one printed on the cards, but if you think the names should be ‘Support character’ and ‘Team character’, just let me know.
    I need now for you to give me the card numbers for those characters that are of type support so that I can update the database (currently all characters are ‘Character – Team’).

    Thanks a lot.

  21. Clemente Zamora Says:

    I just realized you mentioned the decks. There are currently no sections for the decks in Stargate TCG. Please let me know if you think the cards in a deck should be organized in sections and which ones those should be, if any.


  22. patrick Says:

    Hi Clemente, for the stargate decks, The default view must be by Cards type. And the only section we have to modify is the Characters.. We need 2 characters section. Character – Team and Character – Support. I will send you today the info about wich cards are Support and wich one is Team character.

    And for the rarity “promo” everything is okay. It’s my error. I have find what I need. But by the way, it is possible to dupplicate a existing card?

    I have many contact with other webmasters…they are interested to trade links.. can I proceed? or I can give you her email adress?

  23. Clemente Zamora Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Currently there is no option to duplicate a card, but I’ll put that in the to-do list, it sounds like something useful, especially for promo cards.

    Regarding the exchange of links, they are welcome as long as they are from related sites. Please let them contact me if they have any questions.

    Thanks a lot.

  24. patrick Says:

    Hi again! I have a new idea, why not a cards combo section? with a link on card reviews, deck (wich deck has this combo)etc..?

  25. Clemente Zamora Says:

    You mean a written review or analysis of a card combo?
    Apart from the user text the system would link the cards in the combo (2 or more, right?) to any possible reviews on them and any possible decks which contain them. That’s the idea?

  26. patrick Says:

    Yeah, globally that’s the idea. I think for some players some combo are evident! But for newbie or players who want to optimize her deck.. it’s a good thing to see what combos other people use…

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