Server migration

I have been working on moving to a new server, and then to add a second server to improve performance. Currently, and temporarily, the replication is not perfect, which will, among some other minor things, prevent you from updating the card/miniature database. Please let me know if you need to do anything there and I’ll fix it for you.

Update: Ok, now you should be able to edit the database, but you may not see the results showing immediately on the site. I’m working on that now.

Update (Dec. 28th): Everything should be working again as usual.


2 Responses to “Server migration”

  1. kapnkrunch Says:

    Thanks for all you do for this amazing trading community, Clemente. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you & yours.

  2. Clemente Zamora Says:

    I thank you for your help and for your kind words. I do appreciate them, especially during trying times.

    I wish you too nice, quiet and happy days.

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