Earn points and reach higher levels!

To reward and reflect users’ participation in our site, we are now giving out Merit Points so that others can see how much they have contributed to our community. Most things you do on the site will give you points that will let you reach higher Experience Levels. Your Experience Level is shown next to your user name and it’s a quick way for others to determine how much you have worked on the site.

We have also defined Trader Levels and Player Levels that indicate how much experience someone has trading successfully on this site, and how good they are playing collectible card games.

Every user has now a Merits Card that shows the number of points they have earned and the different levels they have currently reached.
Merits Card legend
The card is shown on your web page and on the contact form to send private messages.

You can read more about Merit Points and how to earn them and about the three different Levels on our help page here.

We have already granted Merit Points to all users for all their activities since they joined in, so you may already have a high Level if you are an old-standing user or have participated actively on our site.

So keep on participating and contributing to this community and keep upgrading to the next Level!


2 Responses to “Earn points and reach higher levels!”

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  2. Marine Paint : Says:

    card games are my favorite past time when not surfing the net “

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