Have I traded with you before?

We are so many nowadays that oftentimes it is difficult to remember if you have talked to someone before, or even if you have already traded with another user.

Now you have that information available on the very private message form so that you can check it before sending someone a message or a trade offer. The form shows you if you have traded before with that person, and if so, how many times, and how many of the trades were successful. It also shows if you have already contacted that user before and, if so, how many messages have you both exchanged. The corresponding links let you check the trades and the conversation, and they open in new windows so you can use them even if you have already started writing your message and you won’t lose it.

New information on the message form showing how many times you have messaged and/or traded with the other user

Communication should be a bit easier now even for non-Premium users.


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