More prizes!

We are now giving away more prizes! Decks of the Week and Dream Cards of the Week are now awarded each one month of Premium membership. So you have now even more ways to become Premium for free!

And in order to better distribute the prizes and prevent them from going every week to the same game, we are forcing now alternation among games from one week to the next. The winners for a week will be chosen from the Card Reviews, Decks, and Dream Cards belonging to games that did not win the same prize the previous week. This way we are making sure that the same game does not monopolize the prizes week after week. We hope this will give you all better chances to enjoy free Premiums from your contributions to the site.


2 Responses to “More prizes!”

  1. pokefreaker Says:

    thank you,with this news many people would cheer up~

  2. ibukikouji Says:


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