Contest sponsored by ISA

During this month of April we are holding a contest sponsored by ISA (International Sports Authentication), who provided the prizes in the form of graded Magic cards encased in their sonically welded plastic holders.

To participate you only need to bring new users to our site. The winners will be those who get more affiliates during this month of April. Please check our Affiliates Program for hints on how to do this and for the extra benefits you will also get (commissions and Friendship Points). This is the moment to bring all your friends and colleagues and let them enjoy our site!

The prizes will be:

  1. Three Magic graded cards: 1 Mythic Rare, 1 Rare Foil, and 1 normal Rare. Plus one year of Premium membership.
  2. Three Rare Magic graded cards. Plus one year of Premium membership.
  3. One year of Premium membership.

Only new affiliates obtained during the month and who remain active at the end, will be counted, so that everybody has the same chances. So, start promoting our site now, and help our community grow!


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