Naruto card maker

It’s been fun creating the templates for the new Naruto card maker. Now Naruto dream cards can have their images automatically generated. All data and details are reflected on the card image, from symbols to rarity, from stats to lore text.

Examples of cards creates with the Naruto card maker

Examples of cards creates with the Naruto card maker


20 Responses to “Naruto card maker”

  1. cristian Says:

    hey i like it

  2. V-Man92 Says:

    i wanna make my own naruto card as i make my cards what did you use to make these i want the site or program (just no viruses)

  3. Clemente Zamora Says:

    I programmed the script myself using PHP. It’s a generic script that reads the card definition from our database and builds the card using the templates and images that have been previously created on purpose for each game (that’s the part that takes most of the work).

    You can use our card maker to build Naruto cards. Please let us know if we can improve it in any way.

  4. charles343 Says:

    how do i do it?

  5. V-Man92 Says:

    yeah but is it online? cuz i cant find it

  6. V-Man92 Says:

    ok i got it and found it but i wanted to make cards and not have them show up on the website cuz i was gonna make cards for friends and yeah they want them to be special so is there anyway i could do that without being put on the website as a dream card or on the site in general?

  7. V-Man92 Says:

    nvm mind as log as its can be previewed then im fine so i can download the card and print them out for friends without making it a dream card on the site right?

  8. naruto cursor Says:

    Wow can’t wait to have these cards. I have been collecting Naruto cards for quite a while but I don’t have these ones yet. thanks for the heads up.

  9. Kohanzu Says:

    Where can i make naruto card?

  10. Zion Says:

    who like character Shikamaru?

  11. sasuke3177 Says:

    what website do i go too to make cards? just please give me the name of the website……..

  12. Clemente Zamora Says:

    The site is
    Of course! 🙂

  13. princ30 Says:

    this is so cool!

  14. 2010 in review « Trading Cards and Miniatures Says:

    […] The busiest day of the year was November 5th with 58 views. The most popular post that day was Naruto card maker. […]

  15. Rob Says:

    Check out http://TradingCardMaker.NET/ to make cards, you can customize the card skin/graphics/layout/fonts/colors/etc there.

  16. D Says:

    could you possibly post a site with the template’s so that we don’t have to make them are selve’s?

  17. james Says:

    i love naruto

  18. im a little elf Says:

    i like the idea of a NARUTO/ NARUTO SHIPPUDEN card game, now we can all be like Kabuto… LOL

  19. celebi100 Says:

    vou fazer as melores cartas

  20. DarkCrow Says:

    How did you make it?

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