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October 29, 2007

To check the list of new features we intend to add to our sites, visit often our Projects section.

To check what I’m currently working on, visit the TO-DO page.


Yet more improvements

October 29, 2007

In the last months I have made quite a few improvements to our sites. These are the main ones:

Oct 29th: We are now keeping track of the number of visits your public page has received (from August 2006). This way you can check how popular your page is, and you can compare with other traders on the site.

page visits counter

Your public page keeps track of how many visitors it receives.

Oct 19th: We have improved the BBCodes that you can use on our site to display your content more nicely. You can now change the aspect of blocks of text so you can be more creative when building your public trader page.

You can now give format to whole blocks of text in your public trader page (or any other content you submit to our site), by using the new BBCodes we have integrated. You can use a background color, add a border around your text, or change its width and alignment. Try it now!

This is a simple example of what you can do with your public page.

Example trader page using the new BBCodes.

Example trader page using the new formatting possibilities.

Oct 19th: Golden stars only for long-duration Premium members

The presence of the golden star icon (Premium member icon) next to every new user was making its meaning less clear and significant. Therefore now the icon will only show for Premium members that gained their status after registration, by paying the monthly fee so as to keep this site alife, by writing a good Review, or by uploading a new set of s. This way the golden star icon should become more meaningful from now on.

Sep 23th: You don’t like other players looking at your decks and finding out your secret strategies? You don’t want other people playing online with your decks?

Now you can prevent all this with private decks. Premium members can now make their decks private so that only they can access them or use them to play online. You just select that option when creating or editing a deck. Try it now!

Decks can now be private to you.

Decks can now be private to you.

Sep 14th: Improved handling of conversations

We have improved the messages section:

  • There’s a new column in the list of conversations that shows you who sent the last message.
  • The list loads muchs faster now.
  • And you can now hide those conversations in which you are not interested any more.

A list of conversations

List of conversations with other traders of the site.

May 28th: Collectors binders online!

You can now display your collection of cards in a collector binder. For each set, you can graphically see the cards you have and the empty slots where you are missing cards. It’s like having your collection binders online and being able to browse them and sort them every way you want. Check them out at the ‘cards you have’ section

A collector binder displaying a page of a Yu-Gi-Oh! cards collection

A collector binder displaying a page of a Yu-Gi-Oh! cards collection.

April 4th: Take your checklists with you!

Do you want to know which cards you are missing from a set? Do you want to check if your wants include all the cards you are missing? Do you want to see your combined lists easily? You can do all that now with our new checklists, which you can also print and take with you everywhere. You can access them from your lists and from the card list for each set.

Checlists show the info in your lists in an easy way

Checlists show the info in your lists in an easy way.

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