This is the list of projects I have in mind to expand and improve our sites. Please enter a comment with your favorite ones so that I start working on the most wanted features.

Already scheduled:

  1. Add a button in the BBCode form to insert cards in posts and other generated content. This will allow the search for a card by name (Quick Search) and then insert a code of the form:
    [card=12345]card name[/card]
    Then, when the text gets displayed on the site these tags will become a link to the specified card, and the link will have the roll-over effect of displaying the card image and the details like during an online game.
  2. Display decks with only card images.
  3. Move the main menu to a horizontal bar at the top with just the sections and make them slide-down and contract to select menu items (each of the main sections should also have their own page with options in more detail?)
  4. Multioption parameters in card searches so that you can search for cards in any of several sets, for example, or cards that are either Rare OR Ultra Rare, or that are of any of the Monster types in yugioh, etc.
  5. Tool to test a deck hand: Allows for a “sample hand” of X cards to be randomly drawn from a deck for test purposes. Then you can draw a new hand, or keep drawing one card at a time.
  6. Comic books site.
  7. Tools for sellers. Allow them to set prices to cards, buyers can search cards for sale and compare prices, and the sale is closed without the seller having to accept each transaction, money is kept in a scrow account until items have been received, etc.

Other possible improvements:

  1. General:
    • Add option to the quick search to select a set and then restrict the cards listed to that set. Useful when there are too many cards with the same name so not all of them get listed.
    • Add option on the Profile for a user to indicate they are “on vacation” and do not want to receive any more trade offers.
    • Keep track of the games a user is interested in and take them directly to the latest one in all the sections without having to go through the game-selection page. There would be a drop-down selection on each page to let them change to another of their favorite games, or to the selection page in case they want to visit a new game. The games they are interested in could be selected by the user in their profile.
    • Option to see who has been looking at your public page.
    • Let users upload images for cards that do not have them yet. Then show the images to other users and ask them to indicate if the image corresponds with the card or not (or they don’t know/care). After three users have confirmed it is correct, the image would be shown on the site.
    • Let users report errors on card data. Then show the corrected data to other users for confirmation before accepting them and updating the database. Similar to the card images.
    • Allow users to friend each other: showing who is friend with whom, letting you know when your friends are online, or what things they have done lately on the site, being able to restrict searches to friends, etc.
    • Add the ‘condition’ parameter to haves (and wants? minimum condition required?): mint / near-mint / excellent / slightly played / played / bad
    • Create geographical regions to search for trades in the whole of Europe, or North America, or South Asia, for example.
    • Option to search in your messages for a given text. Option to classify messages, by assigning labels to them, for example.
    • Do not show the foil option in card lists for games where it is not optional. Do the same with language? so that it is displayed also for some miniature games, and maybe hidden for games we know are not being published in multiples languages?
    • Allow sorting of users lists by number of references and by last-login date/time.
    • What game are you? Personality test that tells you what game you are (are you a Magic type? a Yu-Gi-Oh! kid? etc), and gives you an html code to show off your results on your web page.
    • Page the movements in the money accounts
    • Add section for card combos.
    • Give the option to delete dream cards, decks (and card reviews?). When deleting a deck we have to make sure it does not affect games already played with that deck.
  2. Trades and Collections:
    • List those cards that are in transit. That is, those that you have sent in Trades but have not yet arrived and those cards that someone has sent you in a Trade but you have not yet received.
    • Allow Premium users to use filtering options for the Automatic Report on Possible Trades similar to the ones available for the Look For Trades section. It could be just a check-box: when selected the same options selected on the Look For Trades section at the time of the Automatic Report would be used for this one.
    • Display the evaluation score icons next to each Trade for reference to other traders.
    • Option to add a complete set to your haves or wants. Specially convenient when a new set is out and you want to add all its cards to your wants.
    • Option to offer complete sets for trade/sell?
    • Option in Trade and Collector binders to sort by game-specific parameters, like Attribute in YuGiOh, or Color in Magic.
    • Option to remove references. List references you have given in the ‘references’ section, with links to remove each of them.
    • Allow sorting of results in ‘search for trades’ and on the matching of lists in the message form. The parameters would be Set and Number, Name, and Rarity.
    • Allow uploading of haves and wants with just a list of card names in a file (or even a text box), by previously selecting the corresponding set from a drop-down list. Or allow blank values for amount, foil, and language when uploading haves/wants lists.
    • Add the options ‘Not in your wanted list’ and ‘Not already in your haves’ when adding cards to your haves. Add the option ‘Not already in your want list’ when adding cards to your wants.
    • Allow for a message to be sent to the other user when updating a Tracked Trade
    • Option to export collection/haves/wants to tab-delimited (or cvs) text files. Maybe only for Premium members.
    • Extended error info when uploading haves/wants lists (similar to when uploading expansion sets)
    • When adding cards to your collection, include the option to remove these cards from your wants. The idea is that when you get some of the cards your are looking for, then you can add them to your collection and remove them from your wants in one go. A user has proposed to do it the other way around: from the list of wants, to be able to move items to your collection (or to your haves? I guess this does not make sense). Which way is best? Should both be offered?
    • From user dathorin: I’d like to see a page where you can track the percentage of completion for individual sets and the game as a whole. Percentages could be calculated in three ways with extra feature to help users complete there collections and display extra information for the user.Your selection – This would calculate the percentage strictly on the users haves and wants ignoring restrictions for game and set.
      Basic calculation:
      if (Haves+Wants) = 0, display “0%”, display “Haves/(Haves+Wants)”Individual sets – This would calculate the percentage for each set in each game that a user has in the want list. Games or sets not wanted are not displayed.Basic calculation:
      If (game exists in want list, if (set exists in want list, display “Haves/All cards for that set, ignore set), ignore game)

      Game total – Calculating percentage of all cards in that game

      Basic calculation:
      If (game exists in want list, display Haves/All cards for the game, ignore game)

      Extra features (optional):
      Based upon the calculations the results could also display things such as
      Cost to complete 1x of missing cards
      Cost to complete 4x of missing cards
      The option to buy all those cards from TCGplayer using their “Mass product entry” form
      Value of whole collection
      Value of each game
      Value of each set
      Top 10 card values

    • Sort collection by “Date Added”
  3. Decks and Online Games:
    • Option to re-play a game at higher speed.
    • When viewing your deck in the game room, show card images instead of a list of names: show two cards side by side and click on one to slide it to the other side. We should keep the option to display as a list through a button to toggle between the two display modes.
    • Mark with different colors the cards in a deck which are currently prohibited, restricted, limited, etc. for the given game.
    • Include link to add a card to one of your decks, from the card detail window (or even from any listing of cards).
    • Link to all games played with a given deck. Indicate the stats of games won and lost by a given deck and the resulting ratio (Problem: what happens when a deck gets edited, maybe heavily?).
    • Allow certain users (Premium?) to have a background image on their online gaming tables as a playmat, or as card backs, to choose among several available with nice images from the game characters.
    • If a player in an online game gets disconnected, allow him to return to the game and continue playing it.
    • Hide private decks in the deck lists, except for their authors.
    • When listing the cards you are missing to be able to build a given deck, give the option to add those cards to your wants (if not already there). If you have some of the cards in your haves, then it would also give you the option to move those cards from your haves to your collection so as to use them to build the deck.
    • Give the option, when adding cards to your deck, to choose the cards visually from the binder view.

9 Responses to “Projects”

  1. redneckjedi Says:

    As far as your “collection manager” goes, I don’t know how the have and want counts are stored in the database.

    It occurs to me that there’s a database of cards, and either a user “have and want” database that has a set, card ID, have, and want columns, OR a user “haves” database that has set, card ID, and have columns and a user “wants” database that has set, card ID, and want columns.

    If it’s just a single database, why not add a collection column? If it’s two databases, then add another database as a user “collection” database.

  2. Clemente Zamora Says:

    Yes, I have a clear design on how to implement the collection manager (it’s just a third type of relation between a user and a “card item” (or miniature item): trades, wants, and now “owns”).

    But the question would be more like, would this be a feature that people would appreciate? Do you think it would be useful?

    Thanks a lot.

  3. redneckjedi Says:

    From my personal standpoint, I need to know how many cards I actually have before I know how many I need and how many I want. I’ve had to track all this in my own database, before updating my have/want entries on TCO.

  4. redneckjedi Says:

    Two things. First, the automatic generation of a card image from dream card text. Are there tools that do this? If so… NEAT. I also know that for some TCGs, accurate fonts are either impossible,, or expensive, to come by.

    Second, we had some email regarding dream cards available for online gaming. While that seems like fun, all your online players will need to verify with their opponent(s) whether or not (and which) dream cards are viable in their game. Nothing like one person using “legal” cards when another starts playing with undercosted and overpowered dream cards.

  5. Clemente Zamora Says:

    I’m not aware of generic card image generating software, so my intention was to build my own. For several reasons, one of which you wisely mention yourself, the images will not be perfect, but should look real enough. After all, it’s just an add-on feature to the dream cards section.

    I have also received emails requesting that dream cards can be used in decks, and therefore in online games, but I don’t intend to do that in the short term. In any case, decks containing any dream card would have to be clearly marked, so you would know before hand who is playing with realistic decks and who is not.

  6. cord234 Says:

    I think that there needs to be an easier way for people to contact you Clemente rather than sending you an email through the give your opinion option. I know many users have several problems that go unanswered because they do not know who to ask. Also, it has come to my attention that the heralds for yugioh (ggshall and nchantddragon) have gone inactive for quite sometime, which has become their typcial habit. I am not suggesting you remove their position, but perhaps you should appoint another forum moderator who is on frequently and who can control the forum content as well as answer any questions. I think that this would be very helpful.

  7. mat Says:

    It would be nice to see in a game the frame with card image preview like Magic Workstation (it’s on the right):

  8. m0h18 Says:

    I think the people who have made dream cards and decks and are no longer on this site should be taken off because the majority of the dream cards i see are from users who are no longer registered to this site so they should be taken off.

  9. Clemente Zamora Says:

    I have implemented the request by Mat so that a bigger image of the card is shown when you hover the cursor over a face-up card. Currently it’s showing next to the card, but I may change it to display alwas at the top right corner of the screen.

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