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A few restrictions on user names and passwords

July 30, 2009

In order to increase the security on the sites, I have added a few more restrictions to user names: they can not contain more than two digits, and passwords: they have to be at least four characters long, can not be identical to the user name, and can not have too many identical characters (‘0000’) or sequential numbers (‘12345’).


Automatic tweets!

July 22, 2009

Each time a new set is added to the site an update is posted now to my Twitter

Look who’s voting!

July 21, 2009

I had received multiple complaints about people voting unfairly on the site in order to get their own Card Reviews or Decks to get the first position. Even though only registered users with confirmed email addresses can vote, and only once, I have finally decided it makes sense to make the votes public and visible so that everybody knows who has voted for what, when and which value. Now you can list the votes details and sort them by date, user name or value:

Detailed list of votes received by a Card Review

Detailed list of votes received by a Card Review

More tables to play online

July 1, 2009

I had been receiving a lot of requests to increase the number of available tables in the gaming rooms. As the server can only handle a given number of concurrent games, I have decided to increase the number of tables but to limit their use so that Premium members (who pay for the servers and actually maintain the site economically) have preference. Now, when all the ‘normal’ tables are occupied, Premium members will still be able to challenge other players (either Premium or not) to a game.
This way everyone has more chances to be able to play, alleviating the reported problem, and at the same time they are encouraged to become Premium.
Let’s see how this works out…

More references details

July 1, 2009

When showing a user’s references, only those from active users were been listed and just the total of those from inactive users were indicated. Now I’m also detailing each of these references from old, inactive users so that we can see on what date they were granted and from which country.
I have also changed the sorting to be by date (instead of by user name) so that most recent references are on top and it is much easier to check if they are spread through a long period or if they are too concentrated in time.
In the ‘references’ section, I am also listing now the references you have received next to those you have given, also sorted by date.

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