Heralds and Mods

These are currently the Heralds contributing to our trading sites. (See list of mods below)

User name Game(s) Real name Country Member since
gold34 Star Wars Miniatures
Star Wars AttacktiX
Lord of the Rings TMG
Dave United States June 17, 2003
gassman525 Magic: The Gathering Victor Spain June 23, 2003
xyphus Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Hervé France July 21, 2003
prometheus .hack//ENEMY Markus Germany August 25, 2003
ggshall YuGiOh!
Gary United States January 10, 2004
redneckjedi Star Wars TCG Len United States March 10, 2004
volcano Teen Titans James United States June 26, 2004
epsilonjedi Star Wars Josh United States July 14, 2004
milto HeroClix milto United States July 20, 2004
kapnkrunch Pirates CSG
Hecatomb TCG
High Stakes Drifter
Wars TCG
Chris Canada March 30, 2005
goodmansbrother HorrorClix Frode Norway April 04, 2005
patrick Middle Earth Patrick Canada April 20, 2005

These are the moderators that help with the forums:

User name Game(s) Language Country Member since
tximo Legends of the Five Rings Spanish Spain July 5, 2004
nchantddragon Yu-Gi-Oh! English United States February 5, 2005
jecht Yu-Gi-Oh! Spanish Spain August 2, 2005

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