Herald initiatives

Apart from the continuous effort of maintaining and monitoring the site, some of our Heralds have taken original iniatives of their own to promote our sites and encourage people to participate in them. For example:

  • gassman525, our Magic: The Gathering Herald, is giving away his own foil cards to the best forum participants. He has been rewarding one card per week for a year and a half now!
  • kapnkrunch, our Pirates CSG Herald, has run several contests giving away his own ships as prizes. The contestants had to participate on the site in different ways, from reviewing miniatures, to creating armies, to even just rating them. He even gave extra points for pictures of people disguised as pirates and wearing a Miniature Trading sign. Original and fun!
  • patrick, our Middle Earth Herald, has transcribed over 200 card reviews! from the Lair of the Morgul-rats site (with permission, of course) to give new life to an old game.
  • Please let us know what you are doing to promote the growth of your community, or any ideas you think might be interesting to share.

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