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Finally a spell checker on the sites!

August 29, 2009

Finally I found a spell checker that was easy to implement and have added it to the sites: to the forums, to the miniature reviews section, and to the discussions for the different sections. I have also set a maximum number of spelling errors that any content submitted to the site may contain, so if you try to post anything with more than 5% of wrong words, the system will give you an error and ask you to run the spell checker. I know it’s not the perfect solution as there are lots of words that are used in the games (in names of cards, for example) which do not appear in the dictionary (specially the Spanish dictionary, used for the Spanish web sites).

Online spell checker at Trade Cards Online

Online spell checker at Trade Cards Online


Created my first video tutorials on how to use the sites

August 23, 2009

I have created a video tutorial on how to build a deck of cards/miniatures at Trade Cards Online / Miniature Trading. I have set it up as the help page for the deck editing form and I’ll wait for comments on whether people like it, if they think it is not very professional, or if they think on the contrary that it is useful, before I produce more video tutorials about other features of the sites.

New Tournaments section!

August 21, 2009

I have created a top-level section to list all the tournaments that have taken place on the site. It shows all the tournaments for each game and showcases their winners. You can then access the complete list of participants and their final classification for any of them.

List of all online tournaments in the new Tournaments section

List of all online tournaments in the new Tournaments section

No duplicated messages

August 11, 2009

I have restricted the number of messages each user may send to others in a given time. This is to avoid mass spammers sending hundreds of messages before I can stop them. I have set up to a maximum of 5 messages in any given 5 minutes time span. I’ve noticed some users may send legitimate messages more often than that sometimes, but I’ll wait to see if they complain about the new limitation.
I have also blocked messages from being sent multiple times, as when you click twice on the ‘send’ button. It was quite annoying to see the same message repeated twice or three times in your list of messages.

Tha chat rooms are back!

August 11, 2009

After some thought and consideration, I have reopened the chat rooms, but this time, to prevent all the problems that they caused me in the past, I’m limiting their access to Premium members. This way I expect to avoid kids getting into the chat rooms just to bother others.
I haven’t created a menu option just for the chat rooms because they may not end up being very popular, in which case they can remain as links in other sections without standing in the way.

chat rooms at Trade Cards Online

chat rooms at Trade Cards Online

Automatic deletion of bad users’ votes

August 8, 2009

I have set it up so that when a user gets removed because of Bad Trader Reports, or other violations of the Terms of Use, all votes they submitted with that account with an extreme value (minimum or maximum) get removed. This way we cancel one of the goals these user try to achieve (especially those with multiple accounts): to cheat the voting system. Hopefully this will increase fairness on the site and it also takes a tiresome task away from me! 🙂

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