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Updated reviews, decks and dream cards go to the top

January 28, 2010

When entering the corresponding sections, the card reviews, decks, or dream cards, get listed initially sorted by their date of creation. I have finally changed it so that the items that have been updated go to the top of the list. This includes when they get changed, and when they receive a vote or a comment from other users.

This way the most popular and active items (reviews, decks and dream cards) get to the top in the initial listing and receive more visibility. You can still order them by any of the usual parameters if you want, of course.


Track your trades at Trade Cards Online and Miniature Trading

January 14, 2010

I have added the Tracked Trades system so that users can now register the trades they perform and keep track of them. The system also automatically updates the haves, wants and private collection of the users as the traded cards or miniatures are sent and received. References are also generated when the items are successfully received. And they serve as a more complete references system as the trades are public and people can check how many trades you have completed and how many had problems.

Form to register a Tracked Trade

Form to register a Tracked Trade

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