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The Buzz…

November 19, 2011

Do you ever wonder which decks, or dream cards, are getting comments? Do you want to see what people are saying about the cards, or the reviews? Instead of browsing through the different sections and checking each item for new comments, you can now see all the latest comments from all the sections in one single place.

Welcome The Buzz!, the new section on our site which lets you browse all the comments from other users as they happen:
The Buzz... shows the latest comments contributed by our users to cards, card reviews, decks, and dream cards

Try it out and contribute your own comments to the different discussions!

You can also check the comments contributed by a single user from a new link in their home page.


Talking about cards…

November 5, 2011

This site is about cards and now you can talk about each one of them on their own pages.

You can now add your comments to any card on our site. Let everyone know how much you like a card and everything you know about it!

New card page layout that includes comments from users

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